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astro fibre new

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    Contact Us
    Contact us if you need more information about the Astro package.

    Astro Ulti & Ultrabox
    Get Astro Ulti & Ultrabox which has various functions: Cloud Recording, Video On Demand, Play From Start, New Home Screen

    Astro Fiber Bundle
    The only Fast WiFi Fiber Bundle with Netflix, sports, HBO and the best shows on Astro. The Rebate Bundle is also KENCANG!

    Strong Team Help
    Astro WiFi Kencang will get FREE installation and advice from Team Kencang!

    Frequently asked questions

    How to register?
    First of all click on the “register” button from the selected package. It will take you to our whatsapp live agent. A live agent will help you to register. You can also register in the application form on our home page.
    How much does registration cost?
    No registration fee and no deposit required. You only need to pay the installation cost to our technician.
    How much does installation cost?
    Astro Installation Fee : RM65 (promotional price)
    Astro Fiber : Standard installation cost (Free), Non-standard installation cost (charge depends on cable length)
    How to contact a live agent?
    You can call 011-6335 5012 for live agent assistance
    How many days does installation take?
    Usually it takes 3-5 working hours for installation. You will receive an SMS notification of the installation date after registration.
    What is the difference between standard and non-standard installation?
    Standard Installation : 15 meter cable will be provided for free. The standard installation is a direct cable penetration into your premises (drilling may be required) The cable will be “nailed” by our installers and there is no casing or cover to protect the cable.
    Non-Standard Installation : The cable will be installed on the ceiling (the cable will not be visible from the outside) If there is any request from the customer to do a casing and cover to protect the cable is also considered as a non-standard installation. Non-standard installation will be charged approximately RM6.60 (per meter)
    Is installation possible in all areas of Malaysia
    Yes. We handle the registration online and we have enough technicians in different areas throughout Malaysia to assist with installation. Do not worry!