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maxis business

Maxis Business packages promotion, check coverage, online application.

Price shown not include 6% SST effective 1st September 2018.

Maxis Business Fibre 20Mbps
20Mbps Ideal for 5 to 10 users
Regular email access with moderate file transfer
Casual multimedia streaming
Voice over IP (VoIP)
Light web conferencing
Wireless backup internet connection symmetrical speed for download and upload

Maxis Business Fibre 32Mbps
32Mbps Ideal for 10 to 20 users RM258
Moderate usage of cloud based-resources
Regular multimedia streaming and web conferencing
Voice over IP (VoIP)
Large file transfers / email attachments
Wireless backup internet connection symmetrical speed for download and upload

Maxis Business Fibre 64Mbps
64Mbps Ideal for 20 to 40 users
Heavy file transfers
Large email attachements
Regular multimedia streaming (high definition)
Advanced internet needs (cloud-based storage and apps)
Basic e-commerce hosting
Wireless backup internet connection

Maxis Business Fibre 100Mbps
100Mbps Ideal for 40 to 60 users
E-commerce hosting
Multi-party web conferencing
Optimized for high definition video streaming
Intense web usage
Advanced internet needs (cloud-based storage and apps)
High definition voice over IP (voIP)
Wireless backup internet connection

Need Maxis Fibre for home or your business?
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Registration, Maxis Fibre installation in your area
Please provide your full address ( no unit / lot , floor , building , park etc ) for review
For further inquiries , please contact us ( online form )
or via email : ✉[email protected]

Why register with us ?

  • TRUSTED : We are an authorized and registered agent for Maxis fibre .
  • SAVE : No need to Maxis Centre , crammed in traffic , looking for parking and so on .
  • EASY : Questions and registration is done by email / online .
  • QUICK : Registration is fast 15-30minit after the personal details and documents obtained .
  • Installation can be scheduled as early as 2-3 days .
  • ALWAYS HAVE to answer your questions about the package , coverage and related questions .
  • Experience more than 1 years in the registry and install Maxis fibre .
  • TRUE : We gave the correct answer , without exception , without any doubt .
  • HELP : If you have problems port full / missing units / etc. we ‘re here to help .
  • SAFE : Information and personal data safe without any violation of privacy .

Please check coverage , see the package Maxis fibre , register online or contact us for more information .

Broadband application?
Maxis Fibre is not in your area? Let’s get broadband.

UniFi Online Application

No deposit charges

UniFi Online Application

Save RM200 with free installation ( limited offer )

UniFi Online Application

Free Equipment
Modem , WiFi router , HyppTV set and wireless DECT phones are free ( worth RM800 )

UniFi Online Application

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