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Smart & Versatile Hosted Services
Cloud-based business telephony service which caters to big and small enterprises who wants a dedicated number and workforce mobility is essential.

You no longer have to invest in an expensive on-site telephony system, just subscribe to us and enjoy our flexible and affordable call rates

We ensure that our technology is up-to-date for you to remain competitive in Malaysia.

Virtual Office Number For Mobile Workforce
Saves Up to 90% on voice charges!

  • Free Number Retention
  • Free intra-office calls
  • Simple to adopt business telephony system
  • 24/7 user support helpdesk
  • Effectively manage your office phone expenses
  • Eliminates huge investment in startup costs
  • Mobile pack = Available on both iOS and Android
  • Enhance your UC experience with video conferencing and instant messaging upgrade

  • Basic IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Call forwarding, transfer and conferencing
  • Company directory speed dial
  • Internal extensions dialing
  • On Hold Music
  • Multi-line hunting

Traditional Office Phone (PSTN / PRI)Telefonix Cloud Communication
RentalAnalog RM 49/line/monthPRI RM 900/200 numbers/30 channels1 Subscription RM 30 (RM 30/channel)4 Subscriptions RM 100 (RM 25/channel)50 Subscriptions RM 1000 (RM 20/channel)
InstallationHigh Setup CostNo Setup
MaintenanceMonthly maintenance feeFree maintenance
ScalabilityLimited infra constraint and long waiting period for setupHassle free add on with UC Portal
MobilityFixed location limitationCall to Anyone from Anywhere to Everywhere with Internet connection
CompatibilityAnalog phones onlyMultiple devices: IP Phone and Soft phone or even Smart Phone
ContractLong term contract and huge deposit and early termination penaltyWithout any DEPOSIT and NO long term contract

Need Telefonix VOIP for home or your business?
Click on the link below to check the address and registration online

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online application

Registration, Telefonix VOIP installation in your area
Please provide your full address ( no unit / lot , floor , building , park etc ) for review
For further inquiries , please contact us ( online form )
or via email : ✉[email protected]

Why register with us ?

    • TRUSTED : We are an authorized and registered agent for Telefonix VOIP .
    • SAVE : No need to Telefonix Centre , crammed in traffic , looking for parking and so on .
    • EASY : Questions and registration is done by email / online .
    • QUICK : Registration is fast 15-30minit after the personal details and documents obtained .
    • Installation can be scheduled as early as 2-3 days .
    • ALWAYS HAVE to answer your questions about the package , coverage and related questions .
    • Experience more than 1 years in the registry and install Telefonix VOIP .
    • TRUE : We gave the correct answer , without exception , without any doubt .
    • HELP : If you have problems port full / missing units / etc. we ‘re here to help .
    • SAFE : Information and personal data safe without any violation of privacy .

Please check coverage , see the package Telefonix VOIP , register online or contact us for more information .

Broadband application?
Maxis Fibre is not in your area? Let’s get broadband.

Essential Features

Interactive Voice Response IVR
Feature Code
EXT. Dialing
Call Forward
Call Transfer
Speed Dial
3 Way Conferencing
Caller ID
Multi-Line Hunting
On-Hold Music
Do Not Disturb Mode
IDD Authorized Code

Advanced Features

Mobile Workforce
Smart Office
Remote Office
Call History
Click To Dial
Office Contact List